SEED container opening

cut template

welding on the hinges

test cut

We’ve tested cutting through the container using a plasma cutter.  Everything looks like it will run smoothly and we are scheduled to start cutting the major openings next week.

Foundation Details

This drawing shows a more in depth analysis of some of the foundation ideas we’ve mentioned below.  We are looking at the technical details of connecting the container to these systems.  We are also considering the reliability of these systems during the event of another hurricane.  We still considering other systems, but have started detailing two options below; the concrete sonotube foundation and the metal peir foundation.

Container Modification

Detailed drawings of the major cut-outs on the container are being decided and worked out.  We are conceiving that most of the major container modifications (cutting, welding, pod installation) will be done in the shipping ports where there is more skilled labor.  An assembly line process would be set up, taking advantage of the lifting and moving capabilities in the port.  This drawing shows some of our latest ideas for the larger openings that would be cut, and the detailed hinging of these pieces.  

Working with space planning within the container, we’ve decided to have two major cuts.  The large opening hinges down to create a deck space/outdoor living area.  The other opening splits in two halves, with the bottom piece hinging down to create more floor space within the container, and the upper piece hinging up to provide a roof, as-well as added floor space for the roof of the container.  We are developing smaller secondary cuts that will provide ventilation, which will be part of the major modifications to the container.  More detailed plans showing the configuration of this space can be seen in our earlier post on the floor plans.