Articles published in February, 2009

Possible Proto Siting…

We are currently and urgently designing a foundation and plan for the delivery and placement of a 40′ container that is coming March 9th.  Posted are three various conditions.  The two major conditions differ in the orientation of the private space and public space.  Orientating the Kitchen, the more public program to the South, potentially raises a challenging design condition because of the exposure to direct southern sunlight.  Orientating the public program or kitchen and dining to North provides an immediate and inherent shade for the active daily program via the container itself.

Contemplating Seed Prototype Site…..

Prototype Site…

Prototype Site

Potential Siting for the Seed Prototype.  The delivery for the container to be used for the prototype is scheduled for March 9th.

SEED featured at World Changing today

Worldchanging: Bright Green: Turning Shipping Containers Into Customizable, Affordable Housing.

SEED color pallete

Container Delivery

land doll delivery

swing thru delivery

swing thru delivery

container truck lift

metal pier


metal pier with bracing

floor plan




Represented is the floor plan in development.  We are considering that the waste, technology and cooking infrastructure pods would be embedded and attached permanently in the port during the first phase of cuts and additions.  Ultimately the plan is divided by an open circulation space into a public and a private zone.  Maximizing adaptation the plane is left open and includes a ship ladder and hatch for the habitation of the roof, increasing square footage and manifesting private spaces for sleeping quarters.